I'm a Midwestern girl!  I'm also a CEO, fourth generation entrepreneur, podcaster, storyteller and mom of a 6’ 5” teenage boy and 1’ 11’ bulldog named Roscoe. Over the last two decades, I've worked with a portfolio of Fortune 500 companies and public sector organizations on the principles of Transformational Leadership, Self Discovery and the Art of Reinvention. 
I can't wait to share my unique lived-experiences with you!  You'll hear stories and lessons learned while I worked with America's Most Admired Company, the NFL and even a few during the time I built furniture on an Amish Farm in Indiana.  Bottom line...I absolutely LOVE the process of reinvention!  My sole purpose is to delight & inspire; so let's lean into the growing edge together and get after it. 



Monthly Giveaways! Dazzing Updates and incredible Reinvention Stories from around the country!  So Good! 

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The coffee-shop style podcast helping thousands of women dream bigger and level up in business and life!  Learn from extraordinary women from across the country as they share their POWERFUL Reinvention stories...dropping unique takeaways just for you!

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The "Art meets Science" course that has 6 Stops designed to move you through a powerful journey of self-discovery and personal reinvention. You've been thinking about the next BETTER Version of You...so stop playin' and let's go do this, together! 


"Fidelity's Women's Leadership Group loved having you Jes. We are working hard every day to keep things moving forward for our customers, but you provided a healthy one-hour end-of-the-workday space for us to fortify ourselves and support one another. All of your memorable topics, from clarity of purpose to male allies, will stick with us for sometime to come. "

Leslie Walden
Regional VP Public Affairs, Fidelity Investments

"Thank you for taking the time to celebrate women at Credit Suisse's Inaugural Women Build Event. You were a breath of fresh air and highlight of our day. You reminded us - with your ever-present poise and authenticty - to stay true to ourselves and make things happen! Thank you for speaking in a way that stays with us and motivates us to action...You nailed it!"

Katie Bowe
Treasury COO & Special Projects | Credit Suisse

"Jes was an inspiration to our Adams Apprentices. Her keynote speech at our Adams Gala hit hard on key points about entrepreneurial leadership around balance and focusing on priorities from well respected current leaders. Our Adams Apprentices are 32 students from across the university that we spend an intense year with to hone their entrepreneurial skills as an individual and leader. Key influencers like Jes are a critical element in helping teach these young students not only how to be a successful entrepreneur, but also how to lead themselves personally."

Vickie Gibbs
Executive Director for The Entrepreneurship Center at Kenan Flagler Business School, UNC-Chapel Hill

"I LOVED your Crucible Moments concept. I brought it back to my team and we had a great conversation. Thanks for living authentically and giving back as an inspirational leader."

Cammie Dunnagan
Director | Consulting Services, SAS

"Jes, thanks for suggesting challenges to the audience during today's TechWire event. Hearing folks talk about their newfound understanding and awareness was an eye opener."

Dawn D
WRAL TechWire Live

"Thank you so much for being with us Sunday. Your session was one of my favorites of the entire 5 days - even if it made me feel the most vulnerable. ;) Being a person of faith, I know without a doubt, this crucible moment is shaping me AND it is an uncomfortable place to be. Thank you for the wisdom and compassion you shared with me and that you bring to the world through your gifts."

Ruby G.
StartingBloc Leadership Summit

"Your session made me feel close to home and a sense of comfort, if you could believe that. I was completely plugged in because my brother and I have had many conversations about crucible moments growing up together in an effort to understand what has shaped our growth. I wish the conversation could have continued the rest of the day. Thank you again!"

Sean S.

"Thank you for your value proposition work – it’s helped me better understand how to ask for the funding I need in the public and private sector. You are truly #NEXTLEVELEXCEPTIONAL and my gratitude and invigoration are beyond words!"

Terry Spicer
Founder/CEO Epiphany Public Relations

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